the “smartest” smart factory technology

increases manufacturing output, reduces expenses, and ensures quality

Neolitics has created and patented the world’s smartest in-line Near Infra-Red Spectrometer (NIRS) for today’s smart factories and manufacturing facilities. It’s small, rugged, and impervious to extreme environmental conditions, allowing for incredibly easy installation and operation. But smartest of all, it’s self-calibrating.

We call it DNIRA™
(Distributable Near-Infrared Analyzer)

In the past, the biggest impediments limiting the wide-scale (i.e., distributed) deployment of in-line real-time NIRS in a manufacturing environment have been the excessive maintenance required to maintain accurate calibration and the difficulty in replicating or scaling applications within a manufacturing environment.

While the small size, ruggedness, and ease of installation of Neolitics DNIRA™ are all significant improvements over traditional NIR platforms, the real achievements lie in DNIRA’s automated correction of calibration drift and ability to clone analyzers, which allows for rapid calibration transfer and facilitates distributed monitoring and scaling of the clients application.

Incorporating the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, DNIRA combines the compact, robust design of a portable analyzer with the performance and accuracy of a precision laboratory instrument. This coupled with the use of programmable optics (i.e., adaptive optics) to eliminate calibration drift and allow for the cloning of multiple analyzers enables DNIRA to be cost-effectively deployed throughout a facility with unprecedented ease within the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Key Advantages

  • patented drift correct technology automatically corrects drift to maintain precise calibrations in a varying manufacturing environment
  • instrument cloning which enables scalability and minimizes down-time through the provisioning of hot-swappable spares
  • eliminates the need for large, bulky and expensive protective housings
  • easy installation – typically under 30 minutes in existing process port
  • enhances workflows and product quality
  • dramatically reduces labor and maintenance expenses
  • fast ROI and significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than conventional NIRS technologies

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