specialized industry focus

Although the advanced capabilities of Neolitics DNIRA™ apply to virtually every in-line manufacturing environment where raw materials are used to produce finished goods, Neolitics is presently focused on delivering solutions in three core industries: Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Chemical/Petrochemical. The reason is simple… each of these three industries is subject to demanding compliance standards and requires precise real-time production monitoring to drive cost-efficiency, enable competitiveness, and ensure quality. Furthermore, each industry has over three decades of experience with the successful deployment of traditional in-line NIRS. DNIRA’s ability to self-calibrate and its distributable nature are ideal attributes that will have an immediate impact on each of these industries.


DNIRA is the ideal analytical solution for material identification, API concentration analysis, contamination monitoring, bin-blending, moisture analysis within fluid-bed dryers, grain size analysis within granulators, and coating conformity to name a few. Neolitics’ DNIRA™ is fully compliant with the USP1119 U.S Pharmacopeia standard.

Food and Beverage

DNIRA can help increase throughput while maximizing yield and maintaining strict compliance standards. With approximately 50 years of NIRS method development in the Food and Beverage industry, there are plethora of proven applications, such as the analysis of common food ingredients like fat, protein, or carbohydrates, the determination of moisture content, the detection of contaminants, the assessment of meat tenderness and/or spoilage, the in-situ measurement of sugar content, commonly referred to as Brix analysis, and more.


DNIRA solid-state nature, small footprint (10” x 8” x 6”), low-weight (5.4 kg) and NEMA 4X enclosure allow the analyzer to be installed at or in very close proximity to the point of measurement within the most challenging industrial zones, eliminating the cost to purchase and install large and expensive environmental housings or provision long-runs of fiber optic cabling. Like the other industries that Neolitics is targeting, there is a long list of proven industrial applications within the chemical industry that require the use of in-line NIRS.

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