Neolitics is pleased to announce the addition of Emil Ciurczak, a renowned industry expert, to our Scientific Advisory Board.  Emil consults and gives courses on Near-Infrared and Raman, PAT/QbD in the US, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Emil has advanced degrees in Chemistry from Rutgers and Seton Hall Universities. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1970. In 1983, he introduced NIR spectroscopy to the pharmaceutical industry while consulting with Technicon (Bran & Leubbe), NIRSystems (FOSS), CDI Pharma, Infrared Fiber Systems, Brimrose, and Buchi. He has published over 40 articles in refereed journals, more than 200 magazine columns, and presented approximately 200 technical papers.

Emil is currently Contributing Editor for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine. He has written or edited several texts, such as “Handbook of NIR Analysis”, “Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of NIRS”, and “Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench”.

Emil sits on several magazine editorial boards, is active in SAS, is a founder of the Council for NIRS, and was the 2002 chair for IDRC (Chambersburg Conference).  In addition, he won the Achievements in NIR award at the Eastern Analytical Symposium in 2007.

Last, Emil was a founding member of the PAT committee for FDA and is currently a member of the PAT Advisory Committee to the United States Pharmacopeia.